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Quotes by Roberto Reyes (Earth-15513)Edit

Quote1 Stop this Alejandra!! We're not enemies! We're all the same! We're Spirits of Ignition, God Doomit! We've done nothing wrong... yet we're punished and tortured daily by the system... for a crime we don't comprehend! Quote2
--Roberto Reyes (Earth-15513)

Conversations with Roberto Reyes (Earth-15513)Edit

Ghost Racers Vol 1 1 Panosian Variant Textless
Carter "Satan Stomper" Slade
Burn eternal! Ride eternal! And forever unleash your unrelenting wrath upon the wicked and corrupt!
Conversation Tail
Ghost Racers Vol 1 1 Ant-Sized Variant (Back Cover)
Roberto "The Hellcharger" Reyes
Racers no more! We're SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE!
Conversation Tail
Ghost Racers #4

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