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Quotes by Remy LeBeau (Earth-92131)Edit

Quote1 "This is not my home. I am not thief or assassin. I am an X-Man, and I'm never coming back." Quote2
--Remy LeBeau (Earth-92131)
Quote1 Surprised to see me? I know I am. Quote2
--Remy LeBeau (Earth-92131)

Conversations with Remy LeBeau (Earth-92131)Edit

Jubilation Lee (Earth-92131)
I'm sorry I didn't trust you, Gambit. I mean, I should've known you'd never really be a traitor.
Conversation Tail
Remy LeBeau (Earth-92131)
How do you know that, petite? Maybe you been fooled again, non?
Conversation Tail
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