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Quotes by Reginald Fortean (Earth-616)

Quote1 Your brain is full of micro-mines. Your defenses won't detect them. They took the bots most of the time to plant -- looks like you transformed after our first encounter, that threw them off course. We missed our best chance, but won't miss it again. I know the transformation readings now. Once you turn human again, I'll be able to melt down your brain. So, I wouldn't relax if I were you. And there won't be any of this sympathizing with your human side like there was with Banner. I say you're a monster, you're a monster full-time. Your days are numbered, Red Hulk. And General Fortean is the one counting down. Quote2
--Reginald Fortean (Earth-616)

Conversations with Reginald Fortean (Earth-616)

Dagan Shah (Earth-616) 0001
Sultan Magus
Coff -- you made a dire mistake...Dagan Shah will --
Conversation Tail
Thaddeus Ross (Earth-616) 0001
Red Hulk
-- will kiss my red butt.
Conversation Tail
Reginald Fortean (Earth-616) 0001
General Reggie Fortean
Let him go, Red! ... The Arab League came to an agreement earlier. They recognize new borders as defined by the man you're holding. He's agreed to stop trading arms, and a majority of the member nations accepted. Sharzhad is now a legitimate country, and you're on their ground.
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Dagan Shah (Earth-616) 0001
Sultan Magus
Then I declare violation of our border. You have two minutes to leave.
Conversation Tail
Hulk Vol 2 #46

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