If you are a requester:

Priority copy edits are those which should be dealt with as soon as possible, typically ahead of all other copy edit requests.

There are several criteria that could warrant a priority copy edit, they are as follows:

  • The article contains plagiarized materials.
  • The article has been linked to from an external high-traffic site and is not well developed.
  • The article contains a great deal of false or misleading information.

This category should not be used for:

  • Personal need of an update for a particular article.

If you are an editor:

Please consider articles tagged with "[[Category:Priority Copy Edit]]" to be very important to the immediate progress and success of the project. These articles often contained plagiarized works or have a high volume of inbound traffic. It is always important to put our best foot forward such that new visitors will return again. You can pick an article to fix and when your work on that article is complete remove the "[[Category:Priority Copy Edit]]" tag from the article.