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Characters with the ability to see or otherwise foretell the future ("Precognition", "Clairvoyance", "Divination"..), also known as Precogs[1] or Seers.[2]
(See Precognition for more information)
Psychometry, in its future vision aspect, can be a form of Precognition.
Precogs can sometimes interfere with each other's power. A (bad) example for instance: Layla Miller and Damian Tryp couldn't read each other directly (Layla wasn't in fact a precog but possessed knowledge from her future self, but lot of mystery remains around the fact she couldn't "read" some people, listed as having been believed to have some degree of precognitive immunity, due to Layla's lack of knowledge).
  1. New X-Men Vol 2 #38
  2. Squadron Supreme Vol 4 #9

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