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Quotes by Peter Parker (Earth-199999)

Quote1 This is amazing. Now it's time to show the world what Spider-Man can really do! Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-199999)
Quote1 Because you know what she's like! If she finds out people are trying to kill me every single night, she's not gonna let me do this anymore! Come on, Ned. Please! [...] May cannot know! I cannot do this to her right now! You know... with everything's that happened with her, I... Please. Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-199999)
Quote1 When you can do the things that I can... But you don't... And then the bad things happen? They happened because of you. Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-199999)
Quote1 Funny how the guy who put on a suit of insect-themed armor this morning to rob a bank is suddenly worried about being embarrassed. Not that I should talk... Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-199999)
Quote1 Time to show everyone what this friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can do! Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-199999)