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Quotes by Peter Parker (Earth-13017)Edit

Quote1 'There was joy to being Spider-Man... no doubt about that... but it wasn't a game. 'With great power there must also come great responsibility '. Someone I loved, Stephen... loved more than anything-- had to die to teach me that.' Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-13017)
Quote1 It wasn't easy getting her to the alter. Loving a man like me took a lot of patience and a lot of strength. She walked out on me a dozen times over. But the day came when I convinced her. And that--was the happiest day of my life. No mask, no webs, no daring deeds. Just love. Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-13017)
Quote1 Your great aunt was the first one to come along. Quite a girl. Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-13017)
Quote1 I knew that if anyone could help me erase my old life, Fury was the one. Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-13017)
Quote1 'That 'god' with the hammer who talked like a low rent Shakespeare . Quote2
--Peter Parker (Earth-13017)