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Proven Omega Level and Omega Class Mutants.
A character can only be added to this category if they have a reference for when they were 'outed' as an Omega Level or Omega Class Mutant.
Includes characters who were Omega-Level mutants but seemingly/obviously aren't anymore, such as Nate Grey, who is currently at a very low power-level.
Omega Level Telekinetics, Telepaths or Healers are not considered to be automatically Omega Level Mutants.
(See those in the subcategories)
This category doesn't lists the characters who are proven "Beyond Omega Level Mutants" (or described as such), without independent statement of being Omega-Level Mutants.
(The Beyond Omega Level Mutants are present among the subcategories)
This category lists the characters who are "Omega-Level Mutant Threats" like the Phoenix-powered Emma Frost,[1] but not those who are both mutants and "Omega-Level Threats" like Ana Soria[2] or Omega Threats like Wallflower[3] who are listed among the Omega Level Threats.
  1. Avengers Academy #32
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #672
  3. New X-Men Vol 2 #24

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