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Quotes by Ogun (Ninja) (Earth-616)

Quote1 Enough. Stop. And listen. I come from Japan. I am a warrior. I have known nothing else. I do not fight for a country. I do not fight for honor. I do not fight for love. I fight for myself. I have made other warriors-- including your Logan, I was his master. I taught him the same skills you now enjoy. But that was my life. You may be more ínterested in my death. My body died, but my soul did not. My spirit can occupy vessels-- as it does yours. You are not the first, and you will not be the last. I faced Logan not long ago. As did you, I think. It was... difficult. For both of us. Logan was formidable. I was left weak. I fled my last vessel in search of a new one-- a strong host. One I could use. I thought Logan could be that host. I knew where he would go-- he sought Cornelius. When I found him, he was already gone. But you were not. And so I took you. Your memories, the things you have seen, they are glimpses of my lives. My many lives. I will never die. I am eternal. My name is Ogun. And you belong to me. Quote2
--Ogun (Ninja) (Earth-616)
Quote1 Heed my words... your child is as one dead. She is MINE now, and lost to you forever. Quote2
--Ogun (Ninja) (Earth-616)