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Quotes by Nemesis (Earth-295)

Quote1 "The survival of the fittest indeed"... there are none who are fit to survive in the landscape I will create! Quote2
--Nemesis (Earth-295)
Quote1 I was born with the ability to consume life-energy. In fact, I've been snacking on yours since you foolishly entered this room. Quote2
--Nemesis (Earth-295)
Quote1 We stand on the brink of freedom. Now is not the time for cold feet. Quote2
--Nemesis (Earth-295)
Quote1 He told me you are dying, Nate Grey. Consumed by the fires within. The man behind the mask of Onslaught would save you, child... from yourself. Quote2
--Nemesis (Earth-295)
Quote1 Ouch, Grey... You really should try not to be so hard on yourself! Quote2
--Nemesis (Earth-295)