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This page contains a listing of all known appearances of

Nathan Summers (Earth-616).

If you find an Issue this Character appears in that is not shown here, please edit that issue adding "Nathan Summers (Earth-616)" as a Cast member.
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Trade Paperback Listing

  • Cable & Deadpool: Living Legends
  • X-Men: The Day After
  • X-Men: The 198 (in Mutant Database)
  • Marvel Team-Up: Freedom Ring (flashback)
  • X-Men: Supernovas
  • X-Men: Endangered Species (archive)
  • X-Men: Blinded by the Light
  • Cable & Deadpool: Seperation Anxiety
  • X-Men: Messiah CompleX
  • X-Men: Divided We Stand (flashback)
  • X-Men: Legacy - Divided He Stands (flashback)
  • Cable: Messiah War
  • X-Force: Angels & Demons (in picture)
  • Road to War of Kings (flashback)
  • Cable: Waiting for the End of the World
  • Avengers*X-Men: Utopia (flashback)

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