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Quotes by Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)

Quote1 Learned a lot of tricks in the asylum, darling. Quote2
--Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)
Quote1 I'm sure it sounds like a cliché, but Tony's mind was what first attracted me to him all those years ago. Yet the more my powers developed, the more I learned about what was really going on in there - the more intimately exposed I was to his darkest secrets - until it finally broke me. Quote2
--Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)
Quote1 Iron Man ... Where's Tony? What've you done with him? Quote2
--Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)
Quote1 Help Me! Tonnnnnyy -- Quote2
--Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)

Conversations with Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 33
Tony Stark
Then I'll see you next Saturday night...that is, unless you stand me up!
Conversation Tail
Iron Man Vol 1 44 page 02 Marianne Rodgers (Earth-616)
Any girl who'd stand you up, darling, would have to be stark, raving ma-a-ad!
Conversation Tail
Tales of Suspense #40