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Quotes by Luther Manning (Earth-7484)

Quote1 Someone is going to a lot of trouble to make sure you and your hero friends are blasted to another reality to die, Cap. And I found out who's responsible for it. Same in your world as in mine. So no more talk, Cap. I've earned my right to justice. This world or next -- I'll kill him. Quote2
--Luther Manning (Earth-7484)
Quote1 Is this a private party? Or is anybody invited? Quote2
--Luther Manning (Earth-7484)

Conversations with Luther Manning (Earth-7484)

All-New Invaders Vol 1 9 Textless
Fight harder, fool. Otherwise you'll never stop me!
Conversation Tail
Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616) from Heroic Age Advertisement
The Thing
Wuzn't concentratin' on 'im! But I ain't gonna make that mistake twice!
Conversation Tail
Marvel Two-In-One #27

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