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Quotes by Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-616)

Quote1 Of course not, she says. Exactly. Life is change. But yet you're here to hunt me. Maybe to kill me. Yet again. Quote2
--Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-616)
Quote1 Everything is out there. Everything is real-- But nothing is, either. I think of it like this. I don't think of "real" the way you do, Errol. To me, the distinction is between what I've brought forward and what I haven't. Quote2
--Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-616)
Quote1 Hello mothers. And good-bye. Quote2
--Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-616)
Quote1 Human,! Quote2
--Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-616)
Quote1 The firing's stopped. I need a new host body -- I've almost burned this one out. But I daren't take one now. For the few seconds I'll need to possess any of these X-Men, I'll be too vulnerable. The risk is too great. Better to run, and survive. Quote2
--Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-616)