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Quotes by John Proudstar (Earth-616)

Quote1 It's funny. I know what's coming, but I feel more alive than ever -- as if my life finally counts for something. Quote2
--John Proudstar (Earth-616)
Quote1 I've been a loner all my life, Xavier--an outcast--dumped on by everybody I met--but I'm a man, Xavier, a warrior of the Apache-- an' today I'm gonna prove it!! Quote2
--John Proudstar (Earth-616)
Quote1 The only people you can trust are family. Quote2
--John Proudstar (Earth-616)
Quote1 Do you know who Selene is, James? Do you know what she is? She is the darkness that was tricked away by the Coyote when the world was young. She existed before mankind, when the spirit realm was all. You call her mutant, but she is more... She is more than evolution, more than power and strength. She is hunger. She hungers for everything. And she won't stop. ... She is the Darkness, James. And you must stop her. Quote2
--John Proudstar (Earth-616)