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Quotes by Jean Grey (Earth-161)

Quote1 I am going to find Sinister and I am going to make him pay. For Logan, for Madelyne, for Scott -- for me. Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-161)
Quote1 And however long it takes -- however hard it is -- I'll be with you, Scott. Every step of the way. Whether we face Burnout, or super villains -- whatever direction life takes us -- to whatever destination -- we'll all of us be X-Men forever! Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-161)
Quote1 You're wrong, Logan -- on both counts. You are not the 'master assassin of the Hand.' And you do have friends. One of whom loves you. More than her own life! ... My heart reaches out to yours, Logan. What exists between us will not be denied. It brought me to you -- now let it bring your true self back to life -- and to me. Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-161)
Quote1 It's a moving service. Aside from the minister, there's just one speaker: the President of the United States. He talks of Hank's work as a scientist and a teacher -- and of course, his heroics as a member of the Avengers. He talks of the man's sense of humor, his gift for truly rotten puns, his taste in music, his passionate love for life. Of the X-Men, though, nothing is said. Hank McCoy was the mutant who made the case for his people by becoming an Avenger, that group of Earth's mightiest heroes. What came before simply -- doesn't matter. It's an omission we X-Men have grown used to. For us, what matters isn't that we've lost a hero, but a true friend. Someone we -- I -- loved. What worries us all is the fear that he's likely not the last. Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-161)
Quote1 You KILLED Logan! You burned the flesh from his bones, you stole away his future, you brought the life of the man I love to an end. And as he fell, you laughed. I don't hear you laughing now! I want to hear you SCREAM! Quote2
--Jean Grey (Earth-161)