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Quotes by Isaiah Curwen (Earth-616)Edit

Quote1 Now, girl -- you are free from Strange's unclean influence -- and now you fall under mine! But have no fear! I will shape you -- mold you -- save your soul -- and give you life where I gave Dr. Strange death! Quote2
--Isaiah Curwen (Earth-616)
Quote1 Shut up! You have been judged! The sentence is death! ... Beg not for your miserable life -- beg instead for mercy on your soul! Quote2
--Isaiah Curwen (Earth-616)

Conversations with Isaiah Curwen (Earth-616)Edit

Silver Dagger
Where are your taunts now, costumed clown!?
Conversation Tail
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 1.6 Textless
Where d'you want 'em, Baldy?
Conversation Tail
Marvel Team-Up #77