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Quotes by Frank Castle (Earth-11080)Edit

Quote1 Like I told the girl. This was never about saving anyone. For me, forever, it's only ever about punishment. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-11080)
Quote1 Hawkeye was the last of them. The last Avenger. The last complication. Now the fight makes sense. There are no more civilians. No more innocent bystanders. Now it's just them. And me. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-11080)
Quote1 This is the world now. This is all there is. Far as I know. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-11080)
Quote1 Haven't seen the Hulk for years. Not since Wolverine damn near carved him to pieces during that battle on the Goethals bridge. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-11080)
Quote1 You were always my hero. Quote2
--Frank Castle (Earth-11080)