List of characters with the power of Disruption, known as Interference (or Disorientation when used on living subjects), is the ability to project a psychic aura (or an EMP) from one's body that disrupts electrical/electromagnetic fields. One with this ability disrupts electronics, radio transmissions, cell phone connections, etc. It could even be used to disrupt the electricity innately found in the human body, or the brain's function centers, including the center for balance (thus effectively inducing vertigo and dizziness) or the center for memory (thus allowing the user to induce blackouts and fainting, but not to erase memory). This ability can usually be suppressed or activated by the user's will. Produces limited or chaotic effects. This power is differentiated from control of those systems (i.e. Technopaths or Biological Manipulation) and from the ability to shut them down completely (i.e. Power Negation).