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Quotes by Cindy Moon (Earth-65)

Quote1 Those dark thoughts? The doubt? The anger? The fear swirling in your mind? They're not some invasion -- some alien force -- they're your own. The revenge you're seeking will not free you. The more you hate Murdock, the smaller you will become. The more easily he will control you. But what if you were to walk out of that door today -- and never waste one second thinking about Matt Murdock again? Don't you see, child? You have nothing left to fear. Quote2
--Cindy Moon (Earth-65)
Quote1 You know, for the daughter of a lawman, you are a terrible detective, Ms. Stacy. Storming over here, wild-eyed and half-cocked. Not one moment to examine the clues. To think about the possibilities. Quote2
--Cindy Moon (Earth-65)

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