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Quotes by Charles Xavier (Earth-161)

Quote1 Mutants are not the next glorious advancement in human evolution. Quite the opposite. I fear we may very well be doomed -- by the very powers that make us unique. Our bodies are finite vessels, you see. The more power we use, the less is left to sustain our very lives. When young, when in our prime, the output is less noticeable. But as we age, as we mature, everything becomes noticeably finite. Eventually, we all reach our limit. The well of power comes to its end, and with it, our very lives. For years now, I've searched for a solution -- it wasn't simply for love I stayed across the universe with Lilandra. I hoped, between the knowledge of the Shi'ar, the Kree, and the Skrulls, I might find our salvation. But I failed. Quote2
--Charles Xavier (Earth-161)

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