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Quotes by Ch'od (Earth-616)

Quote1 Aw, bless his heart... Hey! Mentor! Knock it off! Take five! I will not have someone going nutso when they are elbow-deep in the nervous system of my ship! Quote2
--Ch'od (Earth-616)
Quote1 This is an Uncreated. It seems they knew themselves to have been created by a 'god' -- and that, strangely, created a species-wide inferiority complex. They did not have the concept of faith. I feel the art, the creation myth, is there to constantly remind them of their origins and purpose. This is their god. They hunted it down and killed it. Their purpose is to do the same to any religious culture they encounter, for those cultures are considered dangerously backward, an implicit threat to the 'order' the Uncreated have imposed on the universe. A reverse crusade -- they're not religious fundamentalists, but the most violent atheists ever. Quote2
--Ch'od (Earth-616)

Conversations with Ch'od (Earth-616)

Uncanny X-Men #275