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Quotes by Brood (Race)Edit

Quote1 No one that has tasted the power that comes with being one of the Brood can forget the sensation. You will crave it to your dying day. Quote2
--Brood (Race)
Quote1 Destroying them seems such a waste. Quote2
--Brood (Race)
Quote1 Fiend!! For that, I will rend the flesh from your unbreakable bones! I will feast on your living heart! Quote2
--Brood (Race)
Quote1 We're all of us Brood here. And soon old enemies -- very soon -- you will be too! Quote2
--Brood (Race)

Conversations with Brood (Race)Edit

James Howlett (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 4 1 0001
G'day mama -- remember me?
Conversation Tail

"Mother-of-us-All", Brood Queen
Butcher! I sense no life within you!
Conversation Tail
Uncanny X-Men #163