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Quotes by Ben Urich (Earth-51920)Edit

Quote1 Damn you, Sheriff Steven Rogers. You wanted to bring change to Timely... but you summoned death. Quote2
--Ben Urich (Earth-51920)
Quote1 My name is Ben Urich, and I learned a long time ago that printing the truth in Timely comes at a high cost. Quote2
--Ben Urich (Earth-51920)
Quote1 Marshall Stacy thought he could clean up this town, and he was found with a bullet in the back for his troubles. Quote2
--Ben Urich (Earth-51920)
Quote1 The Valley of Doom wasn't exactly hospitable before Governor Roxxon diverted the river for his mining concern. Quote2
--Ben Urich (Earth-51920)
Quote1 At the center of all the hullabaloo stood the most stubborn man I knew... a man that couldn't abide tyranny... the town's sheriff, Steven Rogers. Quote2
--Ben Urich (Earth-51920)