Her identity and past unknown, the Cat's Paw become a notable costumed criminal in operation during the 1940s. She and her gang would be hired by a Nazi spy to eliminate prominent members of American industry in order to hamper American aid to the British war effort[1]. Her scheme would become knowledge to Dr. Lin a colleague of the Angel. However, before Lin could warn the Angel of the Cat's Paw gangs plot, he would be murdered in front of the hero. Chasing the crook to their hideout, he would attempt to learn their plans but be spotted, the Cat's Paw would order her men to kill him[1].

While the Angel would fight off her gang members, the Cat's Paw would flee the scene and the Angel would be forced to escape himself. Having evaded the Angel, the Cat's Paw would begin murdering other members of American industry. Her attempt to murder J.P. Thomas would bring her to a masquerade party being thrown by the Junior League. However, before she could eliminate her target she would be stopped by the Angel and be forced to flee[2].

Tracked back to her headquarters, the Angel would learn the full scope of her mission as witnessed her torturing a man to learn who the stockholders of American Aircraft Inc. were. Confronting her, the Nazi spy who hired her would make his presence known and deciding she had outlived her usefulness would attempt to eliminate the Cat's Paw and the Angel. Realizing the error of her ways, the Cat's Paw would save the Angel from a gunshot, and he would return the favor. Later when the Nazi spy was subdued, the Cat's Paw would ask if she could change out of her costume in privacy. However, when the Angel would check on her, he would find her stripped costume ablaze and no sign of the Cat's Paw. Inspecting the area, the Angel would note that the only way out was a window with a 500 foot drop into a quicksand filled swamp[3]

If the Cat's Paw truly died remains to be seen, however her survival seems unlikely.


The Cat's Paw is a cunning killer and a skilled fighter.


While ruthless and sadistic, the Cat's Paw would often leave killing to her henchmen, making her an ineffective killer.


The costume of the Cat's Paw has razor sharp claws on each of the fingers of her gloves. She also wielded a whip to torture those she interrogated.

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