Castle Grachtt, also known as Vladistopol, was a medieval stronghold near Stronberg, Romania.

In 1943, Castle Grachtt was owned by Baron Blood, a Nazi agent and vampire. The Nazi High Command decided to use Castle Grachtt was a research center. Scientist Baron Heinrich Zemo was sent there to analyse a super-weapon brought from the year 2146, and to get it ready for an attack.[citation needed]

Meanwhile, Baron Blood attacked locals from neighbouring populations as a source of blood - which led them to believe that the Nazis had brought a "blood curse" to the area. A resistance group led by a man named Olaf was trying to organize and attack the Castle, to take the Nazis from their land; Olaf and their men knew of the "blood curse" but avoided speaking of it.[citation needed]

Allied intelligence discovered that the super-weapon was either on "Vladistopol" or on "Hitler's bunker", but the Allies did not know the exact coordinates of either. The Invaders contacted with Allied general Thomas Dozier (who was an undercover agent for Red Skull, looking for hints. Dozier coincidentially had just met some time-travelling heroes who pinpointed both locations using a book, World War Two Inside and Out: All the People, All the Places, and All the Events, by Hamilton Crane, and they prepared an attack. However, Dozier secretly reported to the Skull, and the Skull in turn warned Zemo and Blood. The heroes were met by knock-down energy rays, courtesy of Zemo.[citation needed]

They awoke tied in a launching pad, with the UFO-like super-weapon and two Nazi Messerschmitt Bf 109's ready to take off. While Zemo prepared the launching, Blood explained them that the weapon was to take the Allies from Italy. As soon as the super-weapon took off, however, Olaf began his attack and the heroes were fred. The heroes then defeated Zemo, Blood and thirty soldiers, and stopped the attack on Italy. Olaf then took control of Castle Grachtt and used it as a beachhead to continue his fight for the freedom of his country.[citation needed]


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