Carol HInes was a former NASA technician who later joined the secret Weapon X program. There, she was in charge of coordinating technical aspects of experiments with the Adamantium-bonding process, such as computers monitoring the operation.

Her life closely mirrored her “mainstream universe” counterpart until the project’s agents failed to kidnap Logan, after which a former Mountie and Marine named Guy Desjardins was recruited for Weapon X. Presumably as on Earth-616, Hines reviewed Desjardins’s medical files and monitored his life signs during the experiment.

Hines was terrified of Desjardins after the process left him a completely unhinged, berserk killer. She was surprised that the program's lead scientist, The Professor, wished to keep him alive for study, even if at a different location to be observed remotely. Sometime later, she watched aghast as the news reported on Desjardins rampaging across Canada, and stood by silently when Logan broke into their lab, stealing computer files in an attempt to discern any weaknesses Desjardins may have.

Carol Hines’ whereabouts and activities following these events are unknown, although she was presumably among those sought out by the authorities when Logan released the Weapon X files to the media.

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