Quote1 Ha ha ha ha ha! Where's Mikey Hall at? I got some words I wanna stab in his ears. Quote2
-- Carnage

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Carnage goes on a rampage while searching for Michael Hall, who sends in his men to stop him. However, the pieces of symbiote inside their armor prevent them from moving and they are merged with Carnage before Spider-Man and Iron Man can save them. They then start to fight.

At Hall Industries, Shriek and Doppelganger find Tanis Nieves and discover that she is carrying Carnage’s baby, which is growing on her prosthetic arm. Tanis begs Shriek for help, saying that it is trying to take control of her mind, but she refuses. The symbiote continues to ask Tanis to feed it and Shriek tells her to accept her responsibility. Tanis grabs a piece of glass and tears her prosthetic arm off. Shriek picks it up and claims it for herself.

Meanwhile, as they continue to fight, Iron Man slams a vehicle on top of Carnage. Just as he recovers, Doppelganger and Shriek, now bonded with the symbiote, appear.

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Solicit Synopsis:

Spider-Man vs. Carnage vs. Iron Man. This book is the sound of heavy metal thudding on your brain.

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