Trump is a stage magician and criminal who would fleece his audiences of their valuables. On one occasion, he attempted to do so in a Greenwich Village club called Mostly Magic when Captain America was in the audience on a date with Diamondback. Diamondback's friend Black Mamba was watching over their date to make sure it went off without a hitch, and realized what Trump was up to as she had apparently dated him once. Black Mamba used her darkforce projections to seduce Trump away, and the audience thought it was part of the act.

Trump was later seen attending a weapons expo on AIM's island Boca Caliente.


Trump uses various stage magic-related eqiupment, including an electrified wand.

enemy of Daredevil

Other non-magical stage or carnival magicians:Moudini, Amazo, Marko (Terry Vance foe)[[1]], Master Magician (Tehru) and Mysto the Magician.

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