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Carlos Jimenez was one of the first public Ultras after the San Fernando Jumpstart of 1991. He responded to an ad by Tom Hawke and became a founder member of the Squad as Forsa.[1]

The Squad operated publically for six months before being targeted by Rex Mundi and his Ultra-assassin, NM-E. NM-E attacked the Squad at a house-warming party with their friends and family present. Carlos's family was apparently murdered by the creature along with many other guests.[2] The fight progressed to the Los Angeles river basin where NM-E severed Forsa's legs and skewered him through the chest. At DJ Blast's insistence, the injured Hardcase leapt away with an unconscious Starburst before DJ unleashed his full powers obliterating NM-E.[3]

Forsa was believed dead at the scene, but later reports revealed that a consortium of Aladdin NuWare, and the Choice Corporation salvaged his body and living brain tissue, using it as part of the Wetware upgrades implanted in their company's promotional Ultra, Choice.[4]


  • Telekinetic

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