After escaping from prison, Carla's father, Dr. Strange built a new fortress on an island in the Atlantic Ocean and brought his daughter there. Feeling guilty for having abandoned Carla most of her life in favor of his criminal career, he decided to take over the world and give it to her.

When Iron Man confronted Dr. Strange, he destroyed the island's main power generators, but the backlash also shorted out his armor. Carla, appalled at her father's despotic plans and evil nature, threw two flashlight batteries to Iron Man, who used the energy they contained to restart his armor. The defeated Dr. Strange fled, escaping the island through unknown means.[1]

Carla's whereabouts and current activities are unknown.


None, human.

  • Dr. & Mrs. Strange planned to name their first born after the father. When they had a daughter rather than a son, "Carl Jr." became "Carla".

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