Carl Formes lived in the year 2300 of Earth-4096. He was a member of the Glakorian race located on the planet Glakor. He became a ruthless thief, stealing prototype rockets using a magnetic device, and then tossing the pilots into a pit to be fed to his dragon creature. Eventually his thefts garnered the attention of the Space Rangers who send their agents Bob Raleigh and Nibbs to investigate. They too were captured and tossed to the dragon. However, unlike Formes' other victims, they slayed the creature, escaped from the dungeon and destroyed Formes' magnetic device.

When they attempted to apprehend Formes, the villain locked himself in a safe room which had enough supplies that could keep him away from authorities for a year. With no time to wait for him to emerge, the Space Ranger set his base's explosives to go off and retreated from the planet. Formes was presumably killed when the explosives destroyed not only his base -- but an entire section of the planet.


Carl used a magnetic device that could attract rockets from space to the planet's surface.


Carl had many death traps, and also kept a pet dragon that could breath fire.

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