Little was detailed about Absorbing Man's life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed to have followed much the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart.[citation needed]

After somehow becoming infected, Absorbing Man was one of the many zombies who formed an alliance with the the Kingpin, giving him food offerings so that he would allow them to eat clones of uninfected humans to satisfy their hunger. [citation needed]

When Machine Man of Earth-616 traveled to Earth-2149 on a mission with Jocasta to obtain blood from an uninfected human from this reality he decided to free the clones from their misery. He compared the way the clones were treated to the way robots were treated. Absorbing Man was one of the many zombies who fought against him. [citation needed] After Machine Man destroyed his ball and chain, Absorbing Man tried to absorb Machine Man's powers to gain an advantage; however, he missed Machine Man and instead absorbed the powers of Diablo. He was killed by Machine Man shortly afterwards.[citation needed]

Despite the belief of his demise Creel survived and soon attempted to consume another traveler from Earth-616, which ends up being Deadpool. Creel however was killed by Deadpool as well. [citation needed]


Seemingly those of Carl Creel of Earth-616.

The Absorbing Man can alter the molecular structure of his body, his clothes, and his wrecking ball to mimic the properties of any material he touches. This process also gives him enhanced strength, endurance, and in most cases, resistance to injury. If the object touched holds some form of energy, such as a battery or a blast furnace, Creel absorbs these properties as well. He also has limited shape-changing abilities when absorbing certain objects, such as forming hammer-like fists when touching a hammer or growing to enormous size when copying items of massive power or strength. If his body is broken into pieces while in a non-human state he can mentally reassemble himself.


Seemingly those of Carl Creel of Earth-616.

Strength level

Seemingly those of Carl Creel of Earth-616.


Absorbing Man's Ball and Chain

  • It should be known that Creel supposedly died twice, first being killed by Machine Man and later being killed by Deadpool meaning he may have survived Machine Man's attack.

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