Carl is Eddie Brock's father. He was a man who lacked emotion, that was until he met Jamie and fell in love with her. He experienced happiness for the first time in his life and soon, the two were married. What she wanted most of all was to have a family with the man she loved. But unfortunately she died of complications from giving birth to their son Edward Charles Brock. Her death lead Carl to be a cold and unloving father towards their son, only giving him half-hearted encouragement, whether it was doing well on his grades, or choosing a new career path. Eddie tried everything to gain his approval but nothing he did for him was good enough. When Eddie was fired in disgrace following the Sin-Eater murder hoax, Carl disowned him and the two haven't seen each other since.

When Peter Parker turned up on his doorstep to ask about Eddie, Carl instantly slammed the door in his face, and when Peter (in his Spider-Man costume) appeared in his office to talk to him, Carl just replied, "Whatever relationship between Edward Brock and myself is no longer applicable", and told him to leave before threatening to phone the police.

Eddie is supposedly Carl and his wife's only child. Nova Vol 3 #6 mentions that Eddie has a younger sister named Mary Brock. This is presumably a major continuity error considering Carl's wife died in childbirth giving birth to Eddie. The best way to explain Mary Brock's existence is that Mary is Carl's daughter with a woman Carl was with after his wife's death. Venom: Dark Origin Vol 1 retcons Mary into being Eddie's older sister.
Mary Brock

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