Sara is the granddaughter of the Caretaker. Shortly after she was born she was left in the care of an order of nuns that trained to be the soldiers of god. When she was older she decided it was time to learn of her family legacy. When she arrived agents of Zadkiel had attacked the house and had set it on fire. Before the fire had destroyed the library of the past riders she was able to absorb the knowledge of the library. Taking a few items from the Caretakers store, she decided to her the rider to stop Zadkiel.[citation needed]

When Zadkiel took over heaven Sara helped the Ghost Riders and their allies to help Anton survive and dethrone Zadkiel. Anton revealed that Sara was a living portal. Restraining her Anton revealed that he planned to invade heaven with an army of demons he would summon from the portal in Master Pandemonium's chest. Recovering from the experience she walked in on the Deacon before he killed the last of the Gun Nuns. The two fight and Sara slashed his back, severing his spine and crippling him. He ordered her to kill him but she refused and knelt down and prayed.[citation needed]

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