Captain Tyger is a pirate that operated in the Caribbean during the 17th Century. His father was an unidentified French nobleman and his mother was one of the legendary Cat People. He rose to become the "deadliest" of the notorious French freebooters known as Frères de la côte who preyed on Spanish galleons from their base on Tortuga Island. Captain Tyger viscerally hated slavery and freed many, including the twin native brothers, Laurent and Alexandre. Perhaps because of this, and other unrevealed reasons, Tyger developed a fierce enmity for the freebooter Boute-Feu, who trafficked in slaves, raiding his ships and freeing his human cargo. To gain revenge Boute-Feu ambushed and killed Alexandre. He then dragged the body to the vodu priest Schango who, with the help of the vodu god Sagbata| who himself called upon the elder god Chthon, turned Alexandre into the first of the vodu zombies. [1]

Boute-Feu used the zombies raised by Schango to attack Port-Margot, and fought against Tyger. Meanwhile, the vodu gods, appalled by Sagbata's actions sent one of their own, Legba, to help mankind. Legba took Laurent and entrusted him with power over the Loa, the vodu spirits. Laurent then confronted Schango and, using a spell given to him by Legba , summoned Alexandre's spirit to merge with him. He then killed Schango. In Port-Margot, Boute-Feu's zombies crumbled into dust and the evil freebooter was killed by Tyger.[2]

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