Captain Storm was the ruthless captain of the SS Vulture. In 1946 he used explosives to sink two ships carrying gold being brought to the United States from South America. He then hired crews to help him recover the stolen gold. However he and his gang of men used violence to force the crew to do his bidding at low pay. One such employee was Jim Powers, whom Captain Storm murdered. To take suspicion away from his person, Storm sent a forged note to Powers' fiancée. He told her that he is leaving her to live at sea. This pushed the girl to attempt to commit suicide, but she was saved by the Sub-Mariner who then decided to investigate Jim's disappearance.

Going to the dock where the Vulture was kept, Namor prevented Captain Storm from attacking a man over wages to work on his ship. Storm fled vowing to Namor that he did not fear him. He then ordered his minions to whip the workers, forcing Namor to once more attack. Namor then locked Storm and his men up in the ships prison and demanded to know the location of Jim Powers. Storm refused, and Namor took control of the ship to search for clues.

Captain Storm was freed from his cell by Jim's lover, whom Storm tricked into helping him in retrun for information on Jim's whereabouts. Storm and his men then overpowered Namor, knocking him out. They then sealed him in an airtight oil drum and dumped him into the ocean to die. Namor freed himself thanks to a file left in the barrel by the girl and tracked the Vulture to the site of the ship sinking. There, Storm revealed to the girl that Jim was dead, and his crew that were salvaging the gold were going to be killed after they were done. Namor then attacked, and during the fight used some of Storm's own TNT to detonate the Vulture. Namor and the girl, along with the majorty of Storm's enslaved crew managed to escape the blast, Storm and his minions however were not so lucky and were blown to bits.

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