Quote1 Really, Captain Marvel, I was hoping for a somewhat more original exclamation from you. Something along the line of «Great Gamma Rays!»... Perhaps even «Holy molecules!» But, if you prefer a simple «yaarrhhh!» to be your epitaph... so be it! Quote2
-- Cornelius Webb

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Continued from last issue... Having survived the blast that killed Yon-Rogg, Rick Jones awakens and switches to Captain Marvel so that Mar-Vell can take them the distance to New York City. There, Rick begins looking for a job and a place to live. After countless reject, Rick is offered a job and residence in the high tech building called Minos Towers.

Minos Towers is run by famous a pathologist made popular by testing the psychology of rats, and has offered employment and cheap lodging for those who wish to work with him. However, Rick and Mar-Vell soon learn that Webb is using the tenants of Minos Towers as part of his nexy psychological experiment.

Mar-Vell confronts Webb on his own, however during the final battle, one of Rick's neighbors, Holocaust survivor Mr. Weiss -- sickened of the display and it's reminders of his time in Auschwitz -- attacks Webb, knocking both men into the control panel, causing it to explode and kill both men. His life fading, Webb is shocked to realize that one man -- one that he personalized into a simple number -- could sacrifice himself for others, which went contrary to everything he believed about human behavior.

  • This title takes another hiatus after his issue. Captain Marvel will next be seen in Avengers #72.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Mar-Vell. Letters are published from Chris Daria, Paul F. Pizzo, Alan Spratt, and Al Thomson.

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(December) "The Mad Master of the Murder Maze!" A kookie title — for one of the most offbeat sagas of all!

  • (January) AND, STILL ON SALE — ! "The Mad Master of the Murder Maze!" A kookie title — for one of the most offbeat sagas of all!

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