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The history of the man who would become Captain Manhattan is unknown. Presumably one of the paranormals created by the White Event, he was unusual in that he, almost uniquely of the paranormals on his world, chose to become a genuine, superhero! Adopting the name Captain Manhattan and a mask and costume, he waged a one man war on crime and especially drugs. He seemed to have no vices himself, and indeed projected the image of a rather stereotyped, old fashioned comic book hero. Jenny Swensen (Chrome), became his sidekick and seemingly fell in love with him, though Manhattan never seemed to notice. When the hero Quasar of Earth-616 travelled to Earth-148611 by accident, Manhattan was one of the paranormals he encountered there, and he is presumably still active.

Captain Manhattan was presumably killed along with the rest of the planet when this reality was destroyed.


telekinesis, enabling him to fly.

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