Captain Forsa was a hero operating in Brazil. In a news conference, Forsa pronounced that he would find and punish whomsoever was killing the heroes of South America. A female reporter questioned how he could stop the "hero killer" without knowing why the killer was targeting heroes. Forsa stated he was confident he could discover and stop the killer.

Later, at his hotel room, Forsa found the female reporter waiting for him. Appreciative of her advances, he declined, stating that he was happily married. The reporter handed him photographs of him lying dead on the floor of his hotel room. Forsa demanded to know where the pictures came from. The reporter revealed himself to be Zeitgeist. Captain Forsa attacked him but Zeitgeist disappeared. After a moment, Zeitgeist re-appeared and skewered Forsa with his sword. As Forsa lay dying on the floor, Zeitgeist used an instant camera to take a picture of him.[1]

The murder of Captain Forsa was later investigated by the Schutz Heiligruppe.[2]


  • Superhuman Strength

If Captain Forsa possessed any other power, they have never been demonstrated.

The proper writing of his name, in Portuguese, should be "Capitão Força", meaning "Captain Strength". Instead, only the second word (misspelt as Forsa) is used.

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