Quote1 The time has come for humans to cede their place in the world to machines! Quote2
-- Adam II

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Continued from Last Issue Fred Davis frees the Human Torch from Adam II's control by electrocuting. The two then rush to Ft. Stone to rescue Captain America who has been captured by Adam II. At Fort Stone, we learn Adam II is creating an army of androids and Captain America's essence will be used as this army's baseline. We also learn that General Matheson at the base is an android and a servant of Adam II.

Fred and the Torch do rescue Cap. The three then face off with Adam II. Just as Adam II, who is inhabiting the body of William Naslund III, is about to power up his android body by using the essence of young Will Nasland, Captain America urges Nasland to fight back and reclaim control over his body. Miraculously this occurs and Adam II and his android army are rendered inert.

Later, the Torch and Captain America take Fred Davis to a V.A. Hopsital. They show him a statue that has been erected honoring Fred and the original William Nasland for their service to the country and Captain America and Bucky.

Solicit Synopsis:

Captain America...Replaced?! The Original Human Torch Out Of Control With Fred Davis Caught In The Blazing Inferno. Francesco Francavilla Will Melt Your Face Off With The Awesomeness Of Comics!

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