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Captain America Vol 7 23


Captain America Vol 7 23

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Appearing in "The Tomorrow Soldier: Part 2"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Tomorrow Soldier: Part 2"Edit

The lone figure in armor infiltrates the Avengers Mansion and begins his search for Steve Rogers. Iron Man, Thor and Hulk intercept him, but the warrior dodges their attacks and reaches Steve. However, Steve defends himself and after a short fistfight, throws his opponent to the ground. The warrior recites his father's teachings to always stand up and fight, shocking Steve. Then, he takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be Ian Rogers, Steve's adopted son. Ian reveals when he was fatally injured, he fell into a vat of regenerative substance, saving his life. Father and son share a touching reunion.

After Ian is introduced to the Avengers, he reveals he came to Earth to inform Steve of Zola's plans. For the past ten years, Ian has been fighting Zola's troops in Dimension Z. Falcon and Jet inform the Avengers they are going to infiltrate Zola's stronghold, but Jet notes his father's current strategy does not fit into his usual plans. Their presence has been already detected by Zola.

Meanwhile, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Ian defeat a battalion of Zola mutates on the streets, until Zola deploys his new breed of mutates: the Unvengers. At the same time, Falcon and Jet continue their attack on Zola's stronghold, beating down anyone in their way, until they stumble upon an unexpected prisoner: Sharon.

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    Solicit Synopsis:

• Zola has waged war on New York!

• Without a Captain America to lead them, can the Avengers stop the Bio-Fanatic’s plot for revenge?!

• The Falcon faces a dark secret form Captain America’s past!

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