Quote1 Someone's messing with me, Steve... And I don't like it. Quote2
-- Captain America (Bucky Barnes)

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Synopsis for "No Escape: Part II"Edit

Zemo continues his psychological warfare on the newest Captain America. The Falcon is still recovering from Zemo's planned explosion last issue; and Bucky is tormented and blaming himself for his partners injuries. While visitiing Sam at the hospital, Bucky is attacked by the old Nazi villain Iron-Hand Hauptman. Again, Zemo has orchestrated this attack. Cap knocks Iron-Hand out the window and follows him to the ground. To Bucky, it appears that Iron-Hand is also aided by a group of armed Nazi troops. Cap quickly takes them out with his shield.

Steve Rogers happens to pass by in a Flying Car and notices Bucky attacking New York City 'police officers!' He quickly enters the fray and brings Bucky back to reality. Upon examination by Jane Foster, Bucky appears to have been drugged with mysterious nanites; she uses a modulated EMP to neutralize them. After comparing notes with his friend the Black Widow, he deduces that his bartender at the Brookly Bridge Bar must have "slipped him a Mickey". Cap and Natalia begin to run down leads which leads them to the bartender's apartment. Suddenly the door explodes and a threat emerges: a woman in Beetle Armor.

Meanwhile, Zemo has a meeting with a man named Igon, who provides him some top secret information: film footage entitled Winter Soldier.

Appearing in "Hunger Strikes: Part II"Edit

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Synopsis for "Hunger Strikes: Part II"Edit

Rikki has been trapped in basement by a demented Bernard Carroll. She notices several bodies in the basement, obviously young girl's that Beernard Carroll has previously killed. Carroll mistakenly believes Rikki to be his lost daughter and has locked her in the basement so she cannot leave him. He also convinces himself that he must kill Rikki also. Rikki convinces Carroll to let her out of the basement.

Soon after this takes places, he punches and defeats Carroll so that he will never again hurt any young girls. Back at her high school, female classmates continue to harass Rikki about her wearing the same clothes again and again (Rikki is homeless and jobless).

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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