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Modern-Age, Captain America Vol 1, Tom DeFalco/Editor-in-Chief, Rik Levins/Cover Artist, Danny Bulanadi/Cover Artist, Mark Gruenwald/Writer, Rik Levins/Penciler, Danny Bulanadi/Inker, George Roussos/Colourist, Joe Rosen/Letterer, Mike Rockwitz/Editor, Georges Batroc (Earth-616)/Quotes, Steven Rogers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Samuel Wilson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Rachel Leighton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Tanya Sealy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Impala (Earth-616)/Appearances, Cleo Nefertiti (Earth-616)/Appearances, Abner Jenkins (Earth-616)/Appearances, Buck Cashman (Earth-616)/Appearances, M'Baku (Earth-616)/Appearances, Marvin Flumm (Earth-616)/Appearances, Douglas Scott (Earth-616)/Appearances, Resistants (Earth-616)/Appearances, Simon Maddicks (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Sanders (Earth-616)/Appearances, David Cannon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Anita Ehren (Earth-616)/Appearances, Keith Kraft (Earth-616)/Appearances, Carlton Sanders (Earth-616)/Appearances, MacDonald Gargan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dirk Garthwaite (Earth-616)/Appearances, Brian Calusky (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ulysses Klaw (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lancaster Sneed (Earth-616)/Appearances, Donald Gill (Earth-616)/Appearances, Nathan Lemon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Elton Healey (Earth-616)/Appearances, Flying Tiger (Earth-616)/Appearances, Georges Batroc (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maximillian Zaran (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ferdinand Lopez (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maynard Tiboldt (Earth-616)/Appearances, Robert Baxter (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lonnie Lincoln (Earth-616)/Appearances, Veronica Dultry (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wilbur Day (Earth-616)/Appearances, Marc Riemer (Earth-616)/Appearances, Frederick Myers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Walter Michaels (Earth-616)/Appearances, Karla Sofen (Earth-616)/Appearances, Robin Braxton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Melissa Gold (Earth-616)/Appearances, David Angar (Earth-616)/Appearances, Blanche Sitznski (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gordon Fraley (Earth-616)/Appearances, M'Gula (Earth-616)/Appearances, Russell Broxtel (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sol Brodstroke (Earth-616)/Appearances, Samuel Barone (Earth-616)/Appearances, Edward Lavell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wendy Conrad (Earth-616)/Appearances, Randall Darby (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maxwell Dillon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mary MacPherran (Earth-616)/Appearances, Morris Bench (Earth-616)/Appearances, Vertigo (Savage Land Mutate) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Yuriko Oyama (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mesmero (Vincent) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Peter van Zante (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ramrod (Cyborg) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Deidre Wentworth (Earth-616)/Appearances, Heather O'Gara (Earth-616)/Appearances, Sheoke Sanada (Earth-616)/Appearances, Melina Vostokoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, General Wo (Earth-616)/Appearances, Carl Creel (Earth-616)/Appearances, Harold Paprika (Earth-616)/Appearances, Nicholas Fury (Earth-616)/Appearances, Night People (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dennis Dunphy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Avengers Mansion/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, Central Park/Appearances, Boca Caliente/Appearances, Captain America's Shield/Appearances, Captain America's Uniform/Appearances, Beetle Armor MK II/Appearances, Susan Scarbo (Earth-616)/Appearances

Captain America Vol 1 411


Captain America Vol 1 411

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Quote1 M'sieu Crossbones-- I hope you are ready! Quote2
-- Batroc the Leaper

Appearing in "The Arena"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Flagship One
  • RS-41 (experimental craft)

Synopsis for "The Arena"Edit

Captain America tells Diamondback that Dr. Kincaid has given her a clean bill of health, and she admits that she wants to bring Snapdragon to justice. Fury suggests that Snapdragon might be attending the A.I.M. Weapons Expo on Boca Caliente. In Zerotown, Brother Wonderful is frustrated when the mute Dennis doesn't answer his questions, and orders the Night People to attack him. When Dennis fights back, Wonderful is impressed with his strength. Later, Cap, Falcon and Diamondback disguised by Sersi as Crossbones, Jack O' Lantern & Mother Night, arrive at Boca Caliente. Bluffing their way through A.I.M.'s security checks, "Crossbones" runs into Batroc, who reminds him of an old wager that Crossbones could defeat any five men in unarmed combat. Cap accepts the challenge to avoid suspicion and in front of an audience filled with super-villains, first defeats Mad Dog. As Cap battles Ramrod, Diamondback finds Snapdragon with Superia and her Femizons. Cap defeats Ramrod and meets his next opponent, General Wo.

  • This issue contains a letters page, American Grafitti. Letters are published from: Paul Taylor, Douglas Alan Waltz, and Ruben Ruiz.
  • Around 100 super-villains are reported to be featured in this issue! Many are not identified or un-named.

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