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Captain America Vol 1 393


Captain America Vol 1 393

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Quote1 I've had it with adventuring Steve. I want to lead a nice normal safe life from now on. Quote2
-- Rachel Leighton

Appearing in "Skullbound"Edit

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Synopsis for "Skullbound"Edit

Machinesmith frees Red Skull and the Skeleton Crew. Red Skull denies that he's the original Skull and declares the trial a travesty of justice. Suddenly, the Avengers crash through the ceiling and demand that the Skull be handed over to their custody. When they leave Arnim Zola reveals the Avengers to be his bioplastoids and their Quinjet to be Doughboy. Machinesmith remote detonates their ship, still in the Schutz Heiligruppe's hands. Meanwhile, Paladin leaves Avengers Mansion with BAD Girls, Inc and Captain America notices that Col. Jameson is missing. Jarvis deflects a visit from Bernie as Diamondback tells Cap that she's retiring from adventuring. Hauptmann Deutschland calls Cap to verify the Skull is in his custody, but Cap has no idea what he's talking about. Meanwhile, Red Skull evacuates the Smith Building. That night, Cap looks for Red Skull at the Smith Building, but the arriving Hauptmann Deutschland assumes Cap is the same imposter he met earlier and attacks. The battle takes the pair inside the Smith Building, where they find Red Skull's corpse.

  • This issue contains an extensive "Prolog" detailing how the Red Skull and his Skeleton Crew escape from a court room around Berlin, Germany.

  • No trivia.

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