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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Vol 1 5


Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty Vol 1 5

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Quote1 I thought I told you people ---- I'm Captain America. Quote2
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Old Soldier"Edit

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Synopsis for "Old Soldier"Edit

It had been two days since Captain America had been thawed out and he and Iron Man are now walking around his old neighborhood. Iron Man was worried that Steve may not adapt well to the change. After an old man confront Steve about being Captain America, a group of robots attacked the two. Tony fight leaving Steve behind since Iron Man felt that Cap couldn't defend himself using only his shield. Soon, Tony realized that they are the Gargantus and they could hypnotized using their eye beams. The robots teamed up against Tony and used their eye beams on him. The last page has Iron Man attacking Captain America.

Appearing in "The Great Pretender"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Great Pretender"Edit

The first page showed a man with gray hair wearing a straitjacket exclaiming to be Captain America. The doctors looked at him and said that he was insane. Then, it's revealed that it was really Captain America undercover to check on another man who somehow knows all of SHIELD secrets and spew them out randomly.

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