Not much is known about Canis. Canis is a private business man who specializes in wild animals and is part werewolf, and had one dream. To unit all the crime families into a single organization that he alone will control. He intends to destroy the Kingpin's empire and establish his. He has already has a number of men and women under his control and has taken Funny Face into his employment. Now, the only thing standing in his way of complete control besides the Kingpin is Spider-Girl and the "new" Spider-Man. He has now vowed to completely aid Funny Face and his mother in killing Spider-Girl, because of her involvement in Crazy Eight's death. However, the two started killing and beating his own men. Canis had no choice but to call a truce with the Kingpin which ended the gang war between the two. While Canis continues in his current power base, he still intends to finish off Spider-Girl and claim full power over the New York Underworld. following two attacks by the Black Tarantula and Mr. Nobody, Canis ended up in hiding. It was later revealed, that Canis was really behind the attacks and intended the Black Tarantula to take the fall. Spider-Girl uncovered the scheme, but so did the Tarantula who ended up almost killing Canis until Spider-Girl convinced him not to. Canis has since been taken to prison and intends to run his empire from there like Wilson Fisk did. That quickly changed when Lady Octopus broke Canis from prison and is now forging a deal to take over the criminal underworld. However, it was all a ploy by the Black Tarantula. Lady Octopus was working for the South American crime lord to set up Canis for the fall and have all his under-bosses report to the Tarantula. Canis intended to replay his enemies until Spider-Girl and the New Warrior captured Canis and returned him to prison.

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