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Callie Betto, daughter of famed mutant landscape artist, Giancarlo Betto, was a student at the Xavier Institute. When the students were placed on training squads, she became a member of Cyclops' Corsairs training squad, along with fellow students Maxwell Jordan, Dallas Gibson, and the three Stepford Cuckoos. During her time at the Institute, Callie formed a friendship with Mercury.

Callie was depowered as a result of the events surrounding Wanda Maximoff's mental breakdown. She was killed shortly thereafter when William Stryker fired a missile at the bus that she and most of the Institutes other depowered students were forced to board to leave the institute.


Chlorokinesis: She has the ability to communicate with plants much like a telepath can with people. It is not a particularly strong connection in that she must actively be maintaining a link (i.e. a plant cannot simply call out telepathically to her mind) for communication to occur. It is for this reason that she rarely uses the power, and tends to forget about it at times. When a plant communicates, it is not like humans nor animals because plants do not have emotions. They cannot express fear, excitement, happiness, etc. Instead, Callie would explain plants as “speaking” in senses. For example, if a plant needed water Callie would receive wetness. She would not feel wet, but because she knows what wetness is from prior experience she would be able to understand. The same holds true for when she speaks to them. She can only focus on one “thought” at a time; usually the ones she understands. When she does not understand (for example if the plant is being killed off by a certain chemical that she would not respond to) she can sometimes offer vague explanations about the general state of the plant, or she has no idea what is going on. Callie can accelerate, decelerate, or reverse plant growth. She can control plants within a twenty foot radius. The type of growth that occurs depends on each plant. Smaller, less complex plants grow very quickly (for example vines, weeds, flowers, etc.) while larger plants, such as trees, she only controls a section of. She can cause a branch of a tree to bend at an angle from the tree, whether that be parallel to the ground or perpendicular to it, as well as causing leaves, flowers, and fruit to grow. Growing a full tree is possible with much time and concentration, and certainly not in one sitting.

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