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Under guidance from the Lady of the Lake (Niamh), Adam Crown stole a priceless Iron Age sword from the Museum of Pagan Antiquities (secretly housed over Mys-Tech Central) and cast it into a canal in East London. Niamh then surfaced holding Caliburn, which Adam would hold as one of the Knights of Pendragon (each bonded to a magical spirit; Crown's Pendragon had previously bonded to King Arthur). Caliburn granted Adam greater control of his Pendragon abilities, including telekinesis and dimensional transport. Amongst many feats, Caliburn enabled Crown to defeat the Pendragon's arch nemesis, the Red Lord (Bobd Derg).


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  • Caliburn is another name for the Holy Sword Excalibur, but the name is mostly associated with the Sword in the Stone.

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