The criminal known as Calcium Master was hired by Isbisa in 1946 in a plot against the All-Winners Squad while he attempted to steal an atomic bomb.

In the town of Millstone, Calcium Master set up a secret hideout in a cave. There he carved statues out of calcium of victims he intended to kidnap and ransom. His first victim was the local chief of police and he left a note and a carrier pigeon to carry his ransom demand. The note was also written to leave people to believe that the Calcium Master transformed his victims into statues. The statue of the chief of police was found by his wife and Miss America. Miss America instructed the chief's wife to send off the ransom and flew after the carrier pigeon. Miss America was knocked out by the Calcium Master's gang, who took her to the criminal's hideout and left a statue of the heroine to confuse authorities.

With Miss America his prisoner, Calcium Master explains his plot before leaving her to check on the chief of police. Miss America managed to free herself and clashed with the Calcium Master. When they battled outside of his hideout, Calcium Master stumbled over the edge of the mountain and fell to his death.


Calcium Master was an expert sculptor, who could quickly carve life like statues of his victims out of calcium.

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